We work with different types of materials such as concrete, pavers, brick, and natural stone.

C&N Construction, LLC offers plenty of options for transforming your yard space into an inviting outdoor area, whether you are looking to entertain or just sit down for a relaxing outdoor meal, we can make your outdoor space a setting that you will enjoy for years to come.  It all depends on your lifestyle and personality.  This space will ultimately be an extension of you.

At C&N Construction we like to look at walkways, steps and walls as the exterior accessories to a house, the connection between your home and the rest of your property. Structural or for aesthetic purposes, walkways, steps and walls are a simple way to upgrade your curb appeal and a great way to impress. Offering an array of options including concrete, brick, stone and pavers, we have you covered.

Often the largest piece of hardscaping on your property, having a beautifully and professionally done driveway cannot be overlooked. Talk to your C&N Construction professional to hear about all the amazing options we offer such as concrete broom finish, concrete exposed aggregate, and pavers.

Whether looking to expand on your home, or safeguard your current home’s basement from water damage, C&N Construction has got you covered. Through our 18+ years of experience, we will make sure your home remains safe.

Having a full project done can be a daunting and expensive task. Ask a C&N Construction professional how you can potentially spruce up your hardscaping with some joint repointing and/or a thorough power wash. You will be impressed at how much of a difference these simple jobs can make!


A classic material suited for walls, risers and pavement alike. Ask a C&N Construction professional how they can make sure your new brick install can match your existing, original brickwork and mortar.


A sure-fire way of giving your hardscape an upgrade. Choose from many options including the DMV favorite, PA Flagstone, the luxurious Travertine, and many more. Feel free to ask a C&N Construction professional for suggestions.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a great option to give your home a luxurious finish. Most commonly used on step risers and walls, stone veneer provides a beautifully natural aesthetic to your home. With many different options such as Fieldstone veneer, you’re sure to find your perfect stone.


Man-made to have a more consistent and cleaner look, pavers’ uses are endless. From driveways to patios to walkways and more, pavers come in dozens of variations ensuring the perfect combination for your needs. While other stones may be inconsistent, pavers will always provide a high-end finish that will exceed your expectations. Check out Nicolock and Techo-Block, two of the best suppliers of pavers out there to browse some of the options we install.


Concrete is the classic option for driveways that provides a clean look and durability. A relatively inexpensive option, concrete will give a beautiful finish that is easy to maintain. Consult with a C&N Construction professional about our exposed aggregate concrete options.